Which portal?

We’re the very first in Oregon to use this revolutionary and innovative technology for schools and sports. We are currently transitioning our schools program from a paper form (old school) to a new, paperless system and it is fantastic! Want to learn more about the new way of doing things? Watch a video and see Justin talk about it here.

Did your child or student have a form this year for photo day? Even if you don’t have the form, you can still find your school and the corresponding code!

Paper forms are quickly becoming a thing of the past! MORE photos of the students and athletes, ZERO worry about collecting envelopes and securing info, more time for MORE poses. Combine this with our wide selection of products and always competitive pricing? A WINNING COMBINATION! If your child or student had a school photo day with forms, and you know your gallery code, click below! It’s the last year we’re doing it this way!


WOOT! We did it! We know - it’s scary - we’ve been trained from a young age to worry where our forms are for every year in school! But we think you’ll really love this : NO MORE CROSSING YOUR FINGERS AND HOPING FOR A GREAT PHOTO! You get to choose! Multiple poses. Multiple backgrounds. More products. Wider selection. Same prices. Faster delivery, and the photos come straight to you. The best part? Order when YOU are ready! No more hurrying to write a check and hope you order enough! With this new system, you can even re-order in the future… And you can do it all from your phone or computer. Opt in for text alerts!

No school photo form? Just be on the lookout for a personalized flyer coming home ON PHOTODAY with your child-specific code! That’s it!